Why Everyone in America Needs To Care About Raw Milk Freedom

The Governor of West Virginia recently vetoed a bill which would have reversed an older law that prohibited West Virginia residents from co-owning dairy livestock for the purpose of being able to use their animals’ milk without pasteurization.

Let us face a stark fact. America has turned into a police nation.  We have sat by and allowed this to happen with almost no fight. This veto, the opposition to this bill and the very fact we had to seek this legislation at all proves this out. The so called “Food Freedom Fight,” a movement spearheaded by small farmers nationwide, is one of many movements birthed out of too many years of silence of the end of too many Americans.

While we slept, we lost liberty after liberty with almost no protest. We backslid.

Unless you were already familiar with the Food Freedom movement, how many of you would have believed that any state in the nation would be so bold as to create a law that says an American citizen could not enter into a private contract to co-own and co-use livestock to gain a traditional food?  Would have believed that an entire government system was actually so broken and oppression-minded they feel they MUST protect the people from “the people” by dictating where your food can originate and how you MUST cook it, as well? I must have misread our Founding Fathers . . . I could have sworn it was. . . “By the people” & “For the people.” Someone is confused here.

Here is a fact: Farm to consumer sales of all types are wrapped up in economics. This is a corporate oligopoly (a few entities dominating an industry) the American government is protecting; this revolves around the 140 billion dollar a year dairy industry that buys milk from dairy farmers for $1.00 a gallon. Keep in mind, many of these dairy farms run at such a loss, they operate on tax payer funded welfare known as “Agriculture subsidies”. These dairy farmers cannot make a living, but they have no option for their milk sales outside of selling to these few companies, conglomerates like Kraft. So they continue to sell at poverty prices. The massive buyers of most all of the milk produced across the nation work hard to keep this multi billion dollar industry unable to operate without them. They pour money into lobbying against small farmers and consumers. They see that the FDA and CDC and state Health Department propagate Real milk (raw) as dangerous to the public; they tout it as a volatile product that must be heavily regulated. Of course they do, this works in their interest. Remember, this is about 140 BILLION dollars a year. People believe the propaganda, as people as usually want to do. Here we are.

What happens if raw milk sales suddenly becomes legal across the county? Not mass illness because we can see from current numbers from the CDC and FDA. What happens is the market controlled by Mass Corporations see some of their dairy farmers skipping the middle man and selling direct. Selling for not $1 per gallon but $10 per gallon.

The actions by the government in American on our food system are not some type of unimportant joke a fringe group has taken up. Hardly. Last time I checked, small farmers built this nation and feed this nation. Fringe group? Hardly. American farmers have been terrorized for a decade across this county by the FDA and state law enforcement for simply selling real milk to informed Americans who desire to use it. There are no shortage of stories, though they fail to make the headlines in this biased Media environment. The steps that have been taken systematically over decades concerning where our food comes from is one of American Government siding with huge industry over the citizen. Our wildly out of control government is demanding our food go through a middle man in order to assure mass profit to huge corporations.

Please realize this is about controlling that most important aspect of day to day life: Sustenance. Control Food = Control Everything.

Our most basic freedoms are eroded more and more each day. We sit back and talk and grumble. Some find themselves too disillusioned to even care anymore.

But when consuming a traditional food becomes a hot bed for Civil Disobedience, We have to realize this Nation is in danger of heading down the wrong path, it is already half way to hell.

One dairy farm working in West Virginia for three decades found no way survive on the poverty wage Big Corporations pay for milk in bulk, so they attempted to transition to Organic for 3 years. At the end of those years, the corporations that buyer Organic wasn’t interested, either. This family farm found the herdshare movement here, and they knew this movement would save their farm. The herdshare bill in West Virginia quite literally was ready to save their small farm and assure the farm’s existence for years to come. They took the last of their savings to ready the farm for opening to herdshare sales. Yet, the governor vetoed the bill in favor of Big Milk Lobby groups and backroom deals. It was death sentence to Windy Ridge Farm. What does Tomblin care?

Who cares about the Farmer, who cares about Freedom, anymore? Politicians and Corporations across this county put stock in this belief; YOU do not care.

When one says American Farmers’ Survival does not matter, Americans’ choice concerning what they eat is trivial, one needs to also accept that it will hardly be long before the same tyranny which robbed that Farmer of his survival is going to be knocking at your door.




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